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    Poem by by TB788-E10-D

Baby baby you make me want to infinitely loop a sweet little meaningless phrase in your ear.
Hey hey you plastic coated honey machine won't you join me darling in a permanent poly-modal interconnect.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I dig your chromium lobes.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I dig your titanium spine.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah one look from your sweet green Nikon irises sends a hot electric spark across
every little capacitor in my brain.
I love you baby like a stainless steel psychotropic universal turing machine.
I love you baby like there's no next year's model.
I love you like we'll never rust to dust in a damp land fill.
And as long as there's light on my solar cells,
I will love you 'til the end of time.

by Rick McGowan

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